Oregon native, Tara Rose, had a natural inclination towards songwriting from an early age. It was not until her college years that she picked up a guitar and started her musical journey. Soon after graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, she headed to the island of Maui where she spent the majority of her free time after work searching beaches and sea cliffs with her hound dog to find the perfect places to sit and cultivate her unique sound on guitar.


Upon arrival to Colorado in 2009 she casually began dabbling into the art of playing music with others, leading her to eventually attend the RockyGrass Academy in 2014. This was a turning point for Tara to begin diving into the study of music theory, flat picking, and arrangement of songs. She began frequenting local jam circles in the mountain town of Fraser and bringing their acts to open mics when a local booker took notice and started offering regular gigs. Several other venues took notice of the rising popularity and began reaching out for bookings as well. It was at this time in early 2018 that Tara realized her future was destined towards music. 


She began calling on talented musicians that she had met at bluegrass jams to join her on stage and an act was born. For a while the group was performing as “Tara Rose and Friends” but they decided that a more particular name was in order. One of Tara’s signature songs, titled “Real Deal Mama”, is a song where Tara declares herself to be a Real Deal Mama. The group bemused that if Tara was The Real Deal Mama, they must be “The Real Deal”!


Since early 2018 Tara Rose has been performing music full time and has traveled to spread her music extensively throughout the Colorado Rocky Mountains and has reached as far as Hawaii, Oregon, Wyoming, and Montana They have shared line-ups with the likes of Peter Rowan, Andy Hall, Jeremy Garret, Danny Barnes, The Samples, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Jon Stickley Trio, Vince Herman, Pete and Joan Wernick, Julian Davis Band, Rainbow Girls, and too many more to list! Her most frequent musical comrades are Danjo Harris (banjo/mandolin), John Bush (fiddle/mandolin), and Denton Turner (upright bass), but no matter who joins her on stage it is sure to be a lively performance of heartfelt and inspired original songs, and sometimes just downright raucous good time! Tara plays the dynamic and rhythmic duo of acoustic guitar and kick drum to drive the energy flow throughout each song. She loves the opportunity to play with a slightly revolving cast of musicians as she feels it keeps the material fresh and inspiring!


Tara Rose and The Real Deal's long awaited debut EP released on December 12th, 2019 and is available on all major streaming platforms. Follow the iTunes and Spotify links below to listen!